The Distinct Features and definition of Multi-core Processor

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What are the distinct features of a quad-core CPU computers and Core five CPU computers? What does it mean to say that a computer has a quad-core? What is the difference between dual-core CPU and Core two CPU? What is the best and simplest definition of multi-core processor for a lay person to understand?

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The Distinct Features and definition of Multi-core Processor


Dear Dexter A Millay,

You asked very important questions but you asked them in reverse order. I will answer each of the questions below.

Simplest definition of  Multi core processor:

A core is the central part of the microprocessor (i call it CPU of microprocessor)  where most of the processing occurs. Initially when a processor was designed it has only one core. But in the modern era after 2000 multi core processors have been designed by Intel, AMD and other companies to improve performance. Hence we can define the multi core processor simply as,

A multi core processor has two or more central processing units (which are called cores) in a one package or in one component ( in this example called processor) 

Therefore a multicore processor is  better for parallell computing and multi processing.

Difference between dual core and core 2 CPU:

Dual core means a processor has two cores whereas core 2 is a brand name of intel processor which intel used for its second generation of  microprocessors. Core 2 series consist of dual core and quard core processors. A processor of core 2 may be consist of dual (two) or quard (4) cores. An architectural figure of dual core microprocessor is shown in following figure.

Quard core:

Already answere in upper question however described again a "Quard Core" processore has 4 cores inside. A core 2 Quard CPU is one which belongs to 2nd generation of intel microprocessor and has 4 cores in it.

Distinct Features of Quard Core and Core 5:

Quard core has more processing power than dual core or single core. They can perform task very fast and can perform multi task at the same time more effeciently. Technically speaking it can perform or execute more instructions per clock cycle.

Please do not confuse , Core 5 doesn't exist at all. 

Also i want to mention one more thing, core i3, core i5, core i7 do not mean that they have 3, 5, 7 cores respectively. I3, i5, i7 are the terms denoting the better performance of the processor.  For you knowledge sake all of core i3 processor are dual core. Whereas all (with exception of one or two models) of the core i5 processor consists of quard core architecture.


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