Display time measurement.”ms.” CR ****** error

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I got this message while trying to run a program “expected, label, variable or instruction”.

This is the source of the message DEBUG “your time was”, DEC time counter, ‘Display time measurement.”ms.”

CR ******to play again, hold the “CR,’ Play again instructions.

“Button down again”, CR,CR

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Display time measurement.”ms.” CR ****** error


Hi Carrie,

May I know what programming language are you running? Are you trying to place a comment in the middle of your DEBUG statement?

You may need to check your code as if you are trying to place a comment, you may need to use a single quote to denote that it is indeed a comment. Also, try to put your comment on top or before your DEBUG statement code. It is not really allowed for you to place and insert the comment inside your DEBUG statement. Make sure that all comma is complete on your string to not get the error.


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Display time measurement.”ms.” CR ****** error


Hallo Carrie,

Is that the first time you are using that application, because if that is the case then probably there must have been a problem in the installation procedure, or the setup itself has an issue. I will suggest that you get another setup and then reinstall the app and see how it will function.



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