Difficulty in loading JavaScript & flash pages

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 I am always having troubles trying to load JavaScript and flash pages.

I have tried re-installing/uninstalling flash player.

I have also lowered my internet security settings to allow ActiveX controls.

I am using Internet Explorer 7.0 and Windows XP Home.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

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Difficulty in loading JavaScript & flash pages


Dear James,

The problem may not only be with the Flash player, but could be of your system also.

Some files with Internet Explorer may be missing as well so try to reinstall or update your internet explorer and see if it could help.

Next could be your computer memory.

Dump memory could also create such problems and may be your system is slow which might need your system update and it is taking time to load your flash player. and finally your OS could be corrupt.

So, try above steps and hope this will solve your issue.

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Difficulty in loading JavaScript & flash pages


Microsoft Internet Explorer is a frequent grabber of java script errors for no reason. Even if you have the latest versions of ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer it still does not change.

If a java script error was generated when opening a particular page using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the page will display smoothly on Mozilla Firefox or in other web browsers.

It is very unstable when handling different levels of java scripts. If that is your case, run a disk check first to justify the errors generated by Microsoft Internet Explorer if it’s coming from the default hard drive.

  1. Right click on drive C and then choose Properties.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Check Now button.
  4. Check Automatically fix file system errors and then click Start.

If all seems ok then you really need to use other web browser like for example Mozilla Firefox.

Download Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1, the latest release at Download Link

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