Difference between OLED and LED screen

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What is the difference between Organic LED and LED screen.

Is OLED screen heavy than LED?

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Difference between OLED and LED screen


Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) is an exceptional type of LED. It uses natural compounds for emissive electroluminescent layer. OLED is smaller than the LED and it is attained through distinct manufacturing procedures. That is why the LED could not attain high-quality resolutions on tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The key difference is that OLED screens doesn't need a backlight. They can make their own light using an electric current that flips through diodes organic. The LED on TV and LED lamps are created within the liquid crystal display. Therefore, while removing the established light sources, there are various layers of rising thickness.

Because OLED produced its own light, it can create almost any color of the scale. LED screens is suited on passing light within a color LCD condition to create color.


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Difference between OLED and LED screen

Organic LED or OLED has thin films of organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity. Since it produces its own light by means of electrical current passing through its organic diodes, it does not have a backlight and it can create virtually any color in the spectrum. On the other hand, LED screens have backlight wherein the diode light created passes through LCD. So there are several layers that increase its thickness.
OLED TVs boast its contrast ratio of an astounding 1,000,000:1, showing even the smallest details with the greatest accuracy and clarity. It also consumes no power while it's off unlike LED, LCD and plasma.
As of now, the largest and thinnest OLED TV is the LG 55’’ OLED HDTV. It weighs only 7.5 kg while 55-inch LG LED TVs have an average weight of 22 kg. It also measures less than 4 mm as compared to a thin LED TV which measures more than 30 mm. It is retailed at around $8,000 but the price will fall below $4,000 by the end of 2013 as sales volume increase and manufacturing cost will drop.
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Difference between OLED and LED screen


Hi Lutfurrahman,

The difference between LED and OLED

LED: is the same as LCD screen only that LED use side light as opposed to the LCD which uses fluorescent tube.

The back light do appear at the back which turn out to be grey .

It has no life time indicated.

It is a semiconductor light source.

It emit low intensity red light

This is heavy in weight

OLED: (Organic Light Emitting Diode).

It is light emitting diode. The electroluminescent is film of organic compound.

It emit light in response to electric current.

It has a life span of  15000 hours

It is lighter in weight


The LED screen is heavy than OLED screen

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Difference between OLED and LED screen


Light Emitting Diode which is commonly referred as LED. The full abbreviation of the LED explains it's meaning also that it emits light when the current passes within the device.

Whereas OLED is flexible one which full abbreviation is Organic Light Emitting Diode that is smoother thus making pictures/images & videos running with more quality.

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