Devices won’t work after installing Windows

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I am reinstalling my Windows but after that I am getting some problems. My sound/video/modem/printer are not working properly. I believe it happened after the reinstallation.  What to do now?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Devices won’t work after installing Windows




There are few solutions to your problem but before that there are also a few things we need to consider.

1. The version of the Windows OS you installed. Note: Older versions might have lots of compatibility issues with newer device models.

2. The model date of the computer devices not functioning properly.


1. Update Windows OS. Updating Windows OS solves a lot of compatibility issues with both new and old model devices since the newer Windows OS already have built-in up to date driver of most computers devices available in the market.

2. Update/Install latest version of drivers for your devices. Doing so will give you better performance and compatibility. Additionally, Installing the latest and proper drivers gives you more functionality especially with your printer where in its driver usually comes with a program to maximize its functionality.

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Devices won’t work after installing Windows


When reinstalling your operating system or Microsoft Windows, you don’t perform the new installation over the existing installation. Though it is possible but it is very incorrect. When you want to reinstall your operating system, you should reformat your system drive or drive C.

When reformatting the partition of the system drive, you can do a quick format or a full format and you should always select the NTFS file system. The NTFS file system is not only the default file system for Windows NT-based operating systems like Windows XP and higher but it is also more secure than the FAT32 file system.

After installing a fresh copy of the operating system, you need to reinstall all the drivers for all the devices on your computer like the drivers for your video card, sound card, network card, motherboard chipset, printer, and others. Your computer should be running back to normal once all devices have been installed back with their respective drivers.

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