How to keep your ports running if you PC sleeps

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Sometimes I forget to bring my charger to my meetings so I always result to the use of my laptop’s USB port as a power source.
But sadly I can keep these ports from running continuously when the computer sleep.
Can find it in the Windows’ power profiles.
Help will be appreciated.


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How to keep your ports running if you PC sleeps


Hi James,

Charging your batteries using USB Power/Port 
One purpose of inventing USB is also transferring a power from AC/Dc to your laptop battery. We just thought that using USB is only for the file purposes. For as long as your source is at least 500mA, or five per socket this is a simple USB/AC Adapter Charging.
How to stop the ports from running continuously when the computer sleep:
Right Click on your Desktop and click personalize if you're using Windows 7 and if you're using Windows XP click properties
Choose the best selection on the power management you want.
Set Time, Minutes depending on the settings you want and save.
If you want more Personalized PC Power Management
Personalized PC Power Management Software – you can set power management you want, with regards to your consumptions etc. Business Meetings don't normally putting their computer off. They have a settings like turning off their computer but it's not. This can save energy, this program is design to be use in the corporate world.
Tony Stevenson
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How to keep your ports running if you PC sleeps


Unlike the charger port, the USB port will automatically shut itself down also when you put your computer in the sleep mode and therefore you cannot continue using it to charge the computer when it is in the sleep mode.

I have got two remedies for you and I hope that they will help:

  • You will need to be carrying your charger to the meetings in case you will need to be charging your computer occasionally, otherwise you will need to use the USB port to charge the computer when it is on.
  • You can also choose to obtain a battery that lasts you more hours compared to the one you have right now, so that you can charge it till it is full from home and then you will not need to charge it again from the meeting.

In the second solution I am hoping that your meeting does not last for more than 8 hours because there are batteries that will last you up to 8 hours.

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