The device self test has failed.

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I am exercising an NI PXI-5600 as the downconverter for an NI PXI-5661 vector signal analyzer that was earlier exercise as the downconverter for an NI PXI-5660 vector signal analyzer, while a self-examine in MAX shows a breakdown error code -200324. Some suggestions?

Error-200324 occurred at Self Test

The device self test has failed. The error report from the device driver is as follows:

Error-200324 occurred at Self Test

Possible Reason(s)

Measurements : Device not available in NI-DAQmx. It is possible that the device is used by traditional NI-DAQ or that the device is been reset.

After using a device in traditional NI-DAQ, you must reset the device before using it in NI-DAQmX. For SCXI devices, you must reset the communacator DAQ device. Call the traditional NI-DAQ Device reset VI or the Init_DA_Brds function. To reset all devices in traditional NI-DAQ, right click the traditional NI-DAQ devices folder in MAX and select traditional NI-DAQ. If you are resetting the device, wait for the reset to complete.


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The device self test has failed.



Dear user,
The reason why you are having this problem is that may be one of your NI-DAQmx driver is not running. They are called nidevldu and nipxirmu. They normally start when you boot up your PC. You are getting this error because they are not running. To run it, you have to open DOS or Command Prompt, then type net start nidevldu and to stop this service, you have to type net stop nidevldu.
Hope this will help you.
Thank you.

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