Details about server 401 unauthorized error

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What is a server 401 unauthorized error, and how can we fix it? Tell me the different methods I can use to fix it. Thanks in advance for the information.

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Details about server 401 unauthorized error


I am a computer geek and have encountered many times this error.

The server 401 Unauthorized error is an HTTP status code that means the page you were trying to access cannot be loaded until you first log in with a valid user ID and’ve just logged in and received the 401 Unauthorized error; it means that the credentials you entered were invalid for some reason.401 Unauthorized error messages are often customize by each website, especially very huge ones, so keep in mind that this error may present itself in more ways than these common ones:

1)401 Unauthorized

2)Authorization Required

3)HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized

To fix this error, we have the following methods –

Method 1) Check for errors in the URL. It’s possible that the 401 Unauthorized error appears because the URL was written wrong or the link that was selected points to the wrong URL -one that is for authorized users only.

Method 2) Delete your browser’s cache. There might be invalid login information stored locally in your browser that’s disrupting the login process and throwing the 401 error. Clearing the cache will remove any problems in those files and give the page an option  to download new files directly from the server.

Method 3) If you’re sure the page you’re trying to reach shouldn’t need authorization, the 401 Unauthorized error message may be a mistake. At that point, it’s probably best to contact the webmaster or other website contact and inform them of the problem.

Method 4) Reload the page. As simple as it might seem, closing down the page and reopening it might be enough to fix the 401 error, but only if it’s caused by a misloaded pages.

Method 5) If you’re sure the URL is valid, visit the website’s main page and look for a link that says Login or Secure Access. Enter your credentials here and then try the page again.

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