The Cyclades Packet Switching Network?

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In our class, my teacher discussed about the development of internet.

Cyclades was one of the predecessor systems with the greatest technical influence on the Internet.

It was generally developed to be an alternative of Arpanet.

What are the differences between Arpanet and Cyclades in terms of their layered architecture?

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The Cyclades Packet Switching Network?


The Arpanet being the first to use packet switching technology and packet switching here I mean that it could group all the data that was on transmission into blocks regardless of the structure and type of data. This as we see were the first hosts to what would be become the modern day internet.

In that early time the @ symbol was used to separate domain or computer the technology is still used to date.The birth of e books was also as a result of the development of Arpanet and is mainly in use in the present time. 

Cyclades was introduced and shut down after a short while but it also came up with an application which is still useful today that is the host computer being responsible for data transmission and not the network. Both played a major role in the internet use of the present day.

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