Curious about the new swift programming language by apple

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I overheard a conversation about a new programming language by apple, which is called "swift". I got curious about it and I want to know more about this new programming language and the advantage and disadvantages of using it, also what makes it different and more preferable over other programming languages. Can anybody fill me in on this?

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Curious about the new swift programming language by apple


Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple for iOS and OS X app development. This is based

On c and objective C. However, it offers following advantages.

1. Simplified structure, i.e. No semicolon required at the end of each line ( as is the case in traditional c). No involvement

    of library files and main function, In fact, in following example a single line is the complete program.

    printIn("first program")

   will display the line, first program on screen.

2. Swift also offers constant declaration with command, "let". Example is given below.

     let  myConstant = 70

    will declare a constant of name "myConstant" and then assigns a value of 70 to it. The main advantage of using this type

   of constant is that it offers more security against external attackers, malware, virus and bugs and can be  reused

   repeatedly when needed.

3. In swift, It is necessary to declare and initialize variables upon declaration. Therefore attackers couldn't take advantage of

    uninitialized variables.

4. Swift also has a very powerful feature and that is ARC (automatic reference counting). ARC automatically manage the

   memory usage of apps and it is also free the memory when it is not used by any instance or program. This will surely

  eliminate "used after free" error.



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