Critical error seen with Bitdefender

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Hi guys,

I have faced a problem with my Bitdefender. It has encountered a problem indicating a critical error. The screenshot is here.

Bitdefender Report Wizard

Bitdefender Security Center has encountered a critical error!

If the problem persists, please check our online support website at:

‘ The contact information provided on this site allows you

to directly reach the Bitdefender Customer Care team for further information.

A bug report has been created with all the information needed to further investigate this

issue. This report contains no personal information. It includes data related to the

applications and files that were running at the time of the crash. Click "View Files" to view

the files needed for investigating this issue. Click "Submit" to report to Bitdefender.

Restart Bitdefender Security Center.

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I wanted to fix the problem, but failed. If you have any idea about this critical error, please guide me to solve the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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Critical error seen with Bitdefender



Hi Skylabreonna ,

First of all you have to check whether you have installed the correct version of the Bitdefender for your operating system. Please check the System requirements before installing the software. Here you can see the system requirements. Please consider the installed RAM and your processor speed and the OS. If a program fails to meet the minimum system requirements it gives you several bugs during the execution of the program.

Sometime there will be a virus attack to your system. So don’t forget to keep the definition files up to date. You can connect your hard disk to another PC and check for viruses.

Also you can see Bitdefender forums here.

Hope this is helpful.

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Critical error seen with Bitdefender



The actual problem might be brought about with an essential update is being set up, or regarding temporary verbal exchange problems involving the Bitdefender services. Might be regarding a number of the Bitdefender services are generally ended, or different security alternatives running on your computer simultaneously using Bitdefender.
To eliminate this kind of problem, try out these types of alternatives:

•    Wait moments and find out in case something adjustments. The actual problem might be temporary.

•    Restart this computer system in addition to delay moments until eventually Bitdefender will be loaded. Start Bitdefender to find out when the problem lasts. Restarting this computer system generally handles the issue.

•    Check should you have any security answer set up as they may disturb the traditional procedure of Bitdefender. If this can be the event, I advise that you remove each of the different security alternatives after which it reinstall Bitdefender.


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Critical error seen with Bitdefender


That error normally happens when Bitdefender crashes unexpectedly, most of the time, when Windows is starting up. I also encounter the same error with Norton Internet Security when the program’s security service failed to start during boot up. Whenever this happens to an antivirus program or any security application, don’t make any changes to the program. Just restart the computer and see what happens the next time.

If the program started correctly then the error is just an accident which is normal. But if the error came back, try reinstalling the program. Uninstall Bitdefender and then install it back. This should fix any corrupt file present in the program. Once Bitdefender is installed back, update it manually to update its virus signature database to the latest.

Since you are using Bitdefender, might as well update your program to the latest Bitdefender Free Antivirus. The latest version supports Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.

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Critical error seen with Bitdefender


I have the same issue today.

I have removed and installed Bitdefeder and error disapeared…


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