Creating a rule to block it from downloading messages

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There are number of questions and problems I have regarding Outlook 2007. Does Outlook 2007 has an option of creating a rule to block it from downloading messages in a given criteria because I would like to block it from downloading email from the server to a certain recipient who shares the same account. All these were achievable with Outlook Express but I don’t know why I can achieve this using Outlook 2007 which I thought would be much superior to Outlook Express. I also don’t understand why when I start the program a dialogue box appears which bears the message “Microsoft Office Enterprise 07 is configuring files and folders” This happens after it has sent and received a number of emails. This makes it appear as if something is being installed and the computer cannot allow other programs to run at that time. The weird thing is that this only happens when Outlook is starting however after running for some time the only thing that happens when I click on the send button it sends the mail. I have done all I could with no success so can someone help me with these problems? I will be really thankful for any solution offered.

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Creating a rule to block it from downloading messages


Hello Roland Marshall,

I am not so sure but I think that Microsoft outlook 2007 should be having the feature to block the mails that you want to receive from the account in which the mails are downloaded to the outlook inbox. You will need to check the account settings in outlook and see if you can find the option there.

If the option is not there, I will suggest that you just switch to outlook express which you can identify readily where that setting is. The best thing is that you get the service that you want which is offered by outlook express.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu

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