Create a table with tabbed panels to email

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Hi TechyV,


I was thinking if there is a method to make a table with tabbed panels in an email message, either format may it be in html, or word, etc. and save it as a message template for MS outlook. I would like to be able to insert, through copy- paste, some graphs in each tabbed panel, thus if users accept and read the email, they can click on the colored tabs with caption and  they can also see pertinent graphs without needing to scroll up or down in the message.

Thus when they read the email, all reflects in it is the table with captioned tabs, for example graph1, graph2 etc.

Inform me if it doesn't make any logic so I will attempt to give explanation about it again.

Thank you

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Create a table with tabbed panels to email


Hi Jillianmirracle,

 The idea that you have been put in here is a good one and sounds great . Actually here you are talking about using MS office excel feature to store in email format this can be done if we could get new features to store mail in excel sheet format.



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