CPU Not Displaying ( Processor Problem)

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Hello Friends,

Hope that you all will be fine. I have a CPU with intel G845Gux Motherboard. I have a problem that when i starts the pc it is not displaying anything. I tried to clean all main components inside the CPU (RAM, Processor, Pci Cards) but do not solved this problem.

When i remove processor's fan with heatsink, it starts working and showing display but however i fit the fan with heatsink the screen will be dark and there is no such a display showing.

So please can anybody helps mine?

And what is the problem either in processor or motherboard.

Thank you very much.

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CPU Not Displaying ( Processor Problem)


There are more than a few possible reasons why your monitor is not displaying information so to keep a check of that you have check the power supply voltage switch is it correctly fixed.

There is also a possibility that your PC have Power Voltage issue and might have wrong power switching. Reset everything possible and reestablish different setup inside your computer, often reestablishing fix the issues,

Secondly check your fan cables are they in good condition, if you see any interruption than change the complete fan for better result, because the processor needs to be on a constant temperature to work efficiently.

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CPU Not Displaying ( Processor Problem)


It looks you have some hardware problem. In this cause you can plug and unplug all the system components one by one and then can check which component is causing problem.

So do this you need to unplug the VGA card first and check the output if this is shown the display and it is a blinking dash then it mean that your VGA is getting problem. Next unplug you RAM and system will show display that there is no RAM available in this case if you see output then there may be problem is in you RAM. Next unplug the Hard disk and repeat the process for all of the components.

The major thing here is to check your BIOS this the component that boot the system you have to check it is it working properly. And then check your motherboard on another computer is it causing problem. When you found a device with problem you can change it. And your problem is solved.

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