Convert Classic Games to Flash Games

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I have been a huge fan of video games for so long now, and I have been wondering for the longest time if there is a way or some software that could convert my favorite family computer game to a playable flash game that can be played online.

I have a couple of game titles that I have that haven’t been converted or translated into the modern gaming scene.

I hope you can help me out.

John W.

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Convert Classic Games to Flash Games



  • It would seem that you have a great idea there but there are some obstacles to your project. FAMICOM games are usually based on ROMs that are set in binary code and FLASH games are basically videos and sprites set to motion via instructions or controls.
  •  Transferring and converting code to videos have not been very successful and most game developers opted to just create their own versions in FLASH using Adobe Flash Pro CS5. There are online game developers that may be able to help you out in the NEWGROUNDS forums. You can also try your own luck in creating FLASH,HTML, JAVA languages here.

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Convert Classic Games to Flash Games


A. You may be able to find your game on some existing website. You can play there for free. Here are some possible sites:


B. There is a software to convert classic games to flash games, but usually this is not free. Here is one example.

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