Contributing Factors surrounding the Growth of Facebook Platform

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What are the factors contributing to the growth of Facebook Users in recent times? What is Facebook doing better than the other Social media platforms and sites? What are the distinct features of the Facebook Application Software as compared to other social media platform? Cassandra is my name. I am 15 year of age. Thank you.

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Contributing Factors surrounding the Growth of Facebook Platform


Hi Willis K white,

I will explain how Facebook has garnered so many users in recent times.

Facebook is a social networking service designed to connect people of all nations. In recent times, the total amount of Facebook users has increased dramatically.

Here are a few factors that have resulted in an increase in the amount of users:

1. Facebook is FREE.

Though this may sound very simple, this is a factor that encourages people to use this social networking service.

2. Facebook is international.

This social networking service is available globally. Once persons have access to the internet, they will be able to sign up for and use this service. Membership is not restricted due to race or nationality.

3. Facebook is available on mobile devices.


Due to the recent development of affordable web-enabled smartphones, many persons now have access to Facebook via their mobile phones. IOS, Android and Windows based phones have applications that a specially designed to use the Facebook service. This eliminates the need to have a PC everywhere you go. Users are able to launch the service from their smartphones.

The Facebook network is constantly growing. This is due to the great ease with which the service can be accessed. This service has superseded other platforms due to its user-friendly interface and its ease of access.

Thank you.

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