Connection was reset while connecting

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Please help me. I don't know what to do. i can't access any link displayed by Google search result. It always says problem loading page, The connection was reset.

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Connection was reset while connecting


Mate you need to elaborate your question a bit. What I understand from your statement is that when you search something on Google, it returns the results but then when you click on any of the results, the new page fails to open. Is that right? Well, for that what I can say is that there is a problem with your internet connection. Can you tell me whether you are using a WiFi or a DSL direct line connection? Or are you on a dial-up solution?

In any case, it is mainly a time-out issue that when you click on a page it does not respond in time and hence the page does not get opened up. If you internet is fine, then you can try using a different search engine like windows live or Bing and then see if it works for you. Also try scanning your PC for possible viruses that may be on your system.

I hope your issue gets solved.

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Connection was reset while connecting


How long have you had the issue with the said links? When did it happen? Did the issue occur after you downloaded something to your system? Sometimes, links don’t work if your computer system is infected by a virus or Malware which we get by downloading unknown files from other sources.

I would recommend that you scan your system first in safe mode by using antivirus or anti-malware program just to be sure. If the issue is still the same after removing any virus or Malware infecting your system and you are still getting the same issue please check what browser you were using when the problem started.

If it is Internet Explorer, please go to for further assistance in resolving this issue further.

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Connection was reset while connecting


Hi anonymous,

Check your cable and the internet access/connectivity by your ISP,and also confirm that IP addresses are set. But if connection is OK.

Then Try this if you are using Firefox:

  • Menu > tools > options > advanced settings > network > offline storage

Then clear now. If Internet Explorer do this:

  • Menu > tools > internet options > general Tab > browsing history > delete

Or you can check to be deleting on exit.

Then ok.

Thank you,

Let me see your enjoyment.

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