Configuring Two Servers to Share Applications

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Consider the following situation, you have in possession two servers, let’s call them Server One and Server Two. 

Server One has all the graphical software such as AutoCAD while Server Two has all the regular software and it is the server catering to the users. 

Both servers are not linked in any way – They are not in a network.  If you would like to give a certain user from Server Two access to a certain application in Server One, how would you go about configuring that, without compromising security in both servers?

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Configuring Two Servers to Share Applications


Well, it will be hard to give a user access to a certain application on a server when that server is a stand alone. Servers are basically meant to handle data on a network, and therefore for you to be able to give the users on a network privileges to access applications on the server you will need to make sure that whichever application that the user is on is part of that local area network.

Also sharing information between the two servers will require that you put them both on a network, or otherwise you will be needed to use an external hard drive to share the data between them, which will be more hectic as compared to linking the two servers in a network.

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Configuring Two Servers to Share Applications


Considering what or who is the manufacturer of your WiFi router..

They usually have the configurations needed to secure your WiFi network. You to choose either WEP( Wireless Encryption Protocol) or WPA(Wireless Protected Access) and more recent the WPA2.

Try this one, look for the default gateway of your router, usually if the default IP Address for broadband. Make sure you have change the default network name and password of your router.

For example, my router gateway is (ask your the router manufacturer on what is the default gateway). First click on wireless tab option then click basic settings. After that, there are fields to be field up.

For the security:

1. Choose whether WEP, WPA, or WPA2-PSK

2. Then create your password. I recommend adding special characters for extra protection.

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Configuring Two Servers to Share Applications


I see. That was not really hard to do. Thank you for the tool and screenshot you posted in this site.

And for the recommendation, 

Thank you.

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