Configure permanent settings for all the programs

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Its annoying me to configure printer settings each time I want a printout.

So i would like to configure permanent settings for all the programs.



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Configure permanent settings for all the programs


Go to Settings – Printers & Faxes – Right-click on the printer you want to configure – Click on properties.

On the General Tab, Click ‘Printing Preferences’ and on the pop-up window, configure as you desire and do that for all the Tabs available. There is ‘Layout’ tab and ‘Paper/Quality’ which basically make you reconfigure at printing.

Make sure after that you tap Apply for changes to be effective.

Back at the first Properties window, configure your settings on each of the Tabs, there is Sharing, Ports where you connect your printer, Advanced where you can click on ‘Printing Defaults’ at the bottom left and customize your preferred settings, Color Management and Device Settings where you may choose paper size of your print-outs.

To get to ‘Printers & Faxes’ too, you may go via Control Panel.

Once these settings are made, it will not be necessary to always configure when printing. 

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Configure permanent settings for all the programs


Printers don’t support this and this is not the right way how you configure a printer. Configuring a printer depends on the program you’ll be using. Like if you want to print a document with Microsoft Office Word, you have to configure the printer settings right within Microsoft Office Word itself.

Once you are finished with the print configuration, that configuration will apply only on the current document or print session.

Because every document has its own format to apply like the margin on all four sides, font size, font to use, the orientation of the print or the document, number of copies, paper size, page numbers if it applies, and so on, it’s just right that settings apply per print session or document only.

It will be incorrect to apply one print configuration to all print sessions or documents because the output of the print or the hard copy will look incorrect.

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