Could not install softwares on my PC

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I have a very serious problem here.

I bought a computer just yesterday.

And i am about to install a MS Office 2010, when i inserted the cd onto the cd rom it reject, i tried another installer which is a game installer it rejected again.

And when i tried and search for a free software installer thru the net the installation set up could not be open.

My computer is new and obviously there's no defect on it.

Tell me, why is it that my computer cannot install software?

How can i find the problem so that i will be the one to fix it. Do you have any idea about this problem?

Help thanks

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Could not install softwares on my PC


Hi Jeffrey James,

The problem is you have a brand new computer. However, it cannot install software/programs.

These are the possible solution to your problem.

I hope it will work.

1. Got to My Computer, and change the names and settings. Install a new name with Administrator privileges. Maybe you are not administrator user that's why you cannot installed software.
2. Clean the DVD this might be dirt in the light sensor.
3. I know it is still warranty. Try to ask the seller regarding the problem. I know they will issue another brand new computer if the problem still exist.
4. Restart your computer to take effect of all changes.


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Could not install softwares on my PC


Hello Jeffrey James,

Check the list of installed programs, is there any .net kind of thing in installed programs which you don’t know about if so remove all such malicious items through add remove programs.

Also it could happen due to software and operating system bits incompatibility. As you have not mentioned that the operating system in your use is 32-bit or 64-bit just change the ‘FILES’ value in file named C:windowssystem32config.nt.

Open file with notepad if FILES value is higher that 255 make it lower, 40 is good and normal practice and in case of 64-bit OS do vise versa.restart computer and try inserting cd again.

Have good day.

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