Computer can not start properly.

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I bought a computer 2 years ago and did not face any problem till date. But now it has started to give me some problems.

I do not understand at this moment the reason or cause for this problem. That is, when I start my computer, it does not open.

I checked the power supply and every thing. My RAM and other cables are also ok.

Please make me understand, what is my computer's problem?

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Computer can not start properly.


Hello Mr. Khaled_mithun,

I have read your problem. I think this is not a very critical problem. I will give you some workable solutions. Please read the below solution and work them step by step, you will be able to fix the problem. Some times a little problem appears to be a big problem and this is what is happening. I think your hard disk has had a short circuit and you can not realize that or your CPU might be at risk or your computer power supplies cables pin may have had a break down.

These are the possible reasons, why  your computer can not open. Also your power supplies line may not be supporting your computer or it may be having some trouble. You can also check if your computer is attacked by virus. I think by now you may have understood  the  problem with your computer and what is causing it.

Arafat Hossain

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Computer can not start properly.


Hi Kaled Mithun,

After analyzing your problem and reading the above solution given by one of the experts, I come to the conclusion that you are facing now electricity fluctuation problem. In my answer I will try to give you solution.

First try to check your power supply using some electro meter that is that working properly or not. If not then try to fix this.

Further supposing that your power supply is fine, check your electricity. It should be stable and no fluctuation. If it is fluctuating use some electricity stabilizer as due to fluctuation, electricity could damage your hardware like motherboard, hard disk along with your power supply.

Hope you will sort your problem by adopting these techniques.

Have a nice day.

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