The Comprehensive steps to refill an ink jet cartridge

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What are the detailed steps to follow to refill an ink jet cartridge with ink? Can you support your steps with diagrams or illustrations? I am currently using HP inkjet printer and the ink in the cartridge got finished. I do not want to buy a new cartridge for now so I would like to refill the cartridge and use. Thank you.

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The Comprehensive steps to refill an ink jet cartridge


Cartridge refilling requires few necessary items like

1. Ink refill kit mostly available in all office stores nearby, its cheaper.

2. Syringe to inject the ink inside the cartridge.

3. Hand gloves

4. Paper rolls

Please refer to the given link for detailed instructions

additional to the above if u want even cheaper way to refill then below 2 items are required.

5. Rubber of syringe mouth size

6. Cleaning solution

Please go through the below link for even better way to refill but results vary.


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The Comprehensive steps to refill an ink jet cartridge


Hi Darline B Daniel,

I will guide you through the process of refilling the ink cartridge for your Hp Inkjet printer.

Here are the steps you should take:

1. You need to buy an ink refill kit. This kit consists of the ink (in bottles) and the syringes needed to inject the ink into the cartridge.

2. Next, you need to remove the empty ink cartridge from the printer.

3. After removing the cartridge, gently peel away the sticker at the top of the cartridge to locate the holes for refilling the ink.

4. Now you need to fill the syringe with the ink you need to put in the cartridge.

5. Place the point of the syringe into one of the refill holes and gently release the ink into the cartridge by pressing the top of the syringe.

6. Pump enough ink to fill the cartridge.

7. Once filled, replace the sticker that covers the refill holes.

8. Place ink cartridge in printer and you are done.

Please repeat these steps to refill other ink cartridges.

You have now successfully refilled the ink in your printer cartridge.

Thank you.

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