Complex model of an FSI simulation

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Hello everyone,

I am currently creating a complex model of an FSI simulation when suddenly I stopped due to an error message.  Below is the pop up message that occurred as I was working.

ERROR #002100061 has occurred in subroutine SERVE_CLIENTS.

The connection between this CFX process and an external process has died unexpectedly. The following error was received:  External process : ANSYS  Error experienced : Read

I was hoping that you could help me know the problem better by telling me how this error happened and why. 

Thank you.

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Complex model of an FSI simulation


Hellow Goldie Bond,

I have got the point .But it will be better if your boundary condition can be known.

It is obvious that the mash quantity of the system can play a negative role in the complex model. So you should destroy this quantity regularly.

This error comes from the boundary condition.It is seen that sudden inlet and outlet causes high mesh option and distortion. So try to ramp your boundary conditions.

If the Temperature outlet is 200K then you should try to ramp it from 50 to 150 in one second. Then this will help to prevent certain distortion.

If it is a two way FSI and this is a timestep error then same  timestep should be used on ANSYS.I am recommending to use one-way FSI.Because two way has more problems and it is expensive.

I hope this will be more effective.

Thanking you

Shifflett Laurel


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