Cannot connect to AOL, ac-3000

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I just signed up for AOL and installed AOL 9.0 VR on Windows Vista. The installation went well but when I try to connect, I am getting the message “AOL error ac-3000, the computer could not get an internet connection”. It then asks me to try using internet connection to connect to the internet.  I can access any web site and use Yahoo messenger.  I tried shutting down the computer and unplugged all the wires then connect them back with no success.  I tried installing AOL from another computer (a laptop) that has Windows 7 connected on the same modem and router and I was able to connect.  The other computer uses wi-fi connection.  I already tried reinstalling AOL on the computer with no luck.  Any suggestions?


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Cannot connect to AOL, ac-3000



Your problem is you installed AOL and it is not working properly. This error message that is shown in your image seems to be specific with the AOL servers. I can give you more than one solution for it.

You may be able to follow this link here I an giving and check there.

May be you find some help here Canada AOL.

SMTP host

Your other option is directly contact with AOL. For this you can follow this link. It will take directly AOL help link.

I hope here you must find some solution for your problem. Just check it out.


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Cannot connect to AOL, ac-3000


Hi there,

Most of the problem in installing an AOL persist in its most common compatibility mode. Sometimes, installing this can vary either on what kind of anti virus you are using. Sometimes can be vary depending in your installer, o maybe your installer is corrupted or something.

BEFORE installing..

RESTART your computer

The only way to prevent an error is to try to disconnect your local internet connection to prevent update.

Just disable any antivirus you got that can cause the loading to abrupt.

Then RESTART your computer again

This link will help you and provide you a forum and commenting about the AOL problem.


I hope this will help you..




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