Can we change iPhone style progress bar ?

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Hi All

I am using iPhone 4. I want to know whether iPhone style progress bar can be changed. I am not very much expert is operating technological devices. Can someone guide me how to do it?

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Can we change iPhone style progress bar ?


Hi Allen,

In order to make changes to your iPhone progress bar, you need to have some knowledge about UIProgressView. Also you need to change UISlider. The following steps might help you:

1. First you need to create a new UISlider.

2. Then the setMinimumTrackImage and setMaximumTrackImage should be adjusted to your desired UIImage values.

3. After that, the setThumbImage should be set to zero.

4. Next, set the upper and lower bounds of the slider.

5. Finally, once this setup is done and added to your UIView with the help of your custom method, the value of the slider must be adjusted to the value you will normally assign to the UIProgressView’s progress.

Hope this helps.



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