Can twitter help website ranking

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Hi, I have a newly created website about my business and I like to know if can twitter help website ranking , if it can help how can  I be sure that it is accurate?and if it can modify the exact ranking of website what is the proof that it is true?

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Can twitter help website ranking


Hi Tammy,

Twitter will not help you for higher ranking. Instead, twitter as a social media platform will helps you with customer service, brand, product and community management. Do not rely on twitter alone. If you are using this with the intention for higher ranking, you will not go there. Once you signed up and become a member of twitter, your advantage is that you will gain instant exposure with your marketing strategy. Combining google, twitter shares as well as FaceBook help your rankings or SEO. But, If you ignore to add shares for month or year consistently you will not gain the next level of ranking.

FYI: Twitter is number 9 in traffic ranking among all sites.. Twitter is based from 164 South Park, San Franciso, CA 94107 United States with a phone number: 415 9632357. Twitter has been launced in July 2006 holding 300 million users presently and continues to grow. With a revenue of $140 million and 600 employees, in this resources, you will not regret to connect and have social sharing with twitter. Again, I'd recemmend this for not in the sake of high rankings instead it's just optimize your products and services of your website. No doubt, If you will have the patience in twitting what's happening inside your business, your interest and other etc's you will not go wrong with your marketing strategy. As per higher ranking on Google, I doiubt it!

Hope this works,

Steele Ney

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Can twitter help website ranking



Hello Tammy.
congratulation for opening your website .
You should read more about SEO ( Search engine optimization ) .
It will make you understand the principal of make high page rank .
The mean idea of page rank is ( How many peoples visit your website ? ) So you need back links ( Links for your website in different places ) 
So making twitter account will help you in that by telling your follower a bout the new things you made .

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