Cannot find Microsoft office font.

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Last night I was download Microsoft Office 2011.

When it complete to download then I install properly.

And I open this software normally. everything is OK when I write this body.

Now I want to change my fonts. but I cannot find this option.

I used shortcut key, and that is Ctrl+Shift+F. But do not work.

So what can I do at this moment?

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Cannot find Microsoft office font.


Hi Kahmed094,

Installing Microsoft Office 2011 is different than what other Office Version; its features and functions and other buttons. When installing Office 2011, and Font can't be located, it has two (2) possible locations to look for.

  • Library/Fonts
  • System/Library/Fonts

Office 2011 has new Fonts installed, Gabriola and Palatino Linotype. Some fonts installed by Office 2011 are upgraded compared to the other version of Microsoft Office 2008.

Here is the list;

  • Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia, Corbel, Times New Roman, Verdana, Meiryo.

Some Fonts in Microsoft Office 2011 causes the applications to crash which most users advised to disabled all fonts other than the one in the System/Library/Fonts.

You need to do the safe mode to perform this,

Hold the Shift key when the computer is starting then disabled the Fonts.

Hope this helps.

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Cannot find Microsoft office font.


You have said that last night you were download MS Office 2011.

Sorry to say that it is matter of regret that when you installed a new software you may lost programs menu.

I do not know what was your first program software.

You should find font options in your newly installed MS Office 2011 software.

In any software font has a vital performance.

Nobody can write without the help of font in computers.

But unfortunately you have lost your font options that you couldn't capable to choose your font or for writing.

You can do a lot of works that you need reinstall your software that you can solve your problems.

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