Setting up a home network using dlink dgs-1024d port switch

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I love to do set up's in computers but then I never tried to set up or wire a home network. So your answer will be a big help for me to boost my knowledge with regard to it.

Possibly is there any difference or variation in any way generally, if I operate through my router/modem to an 8 port switch 1 line to each room; then put a switch in that room (modem>router>switch>switch>device) or when I run through the router to a 24 port switch to a 24 port patch panel (modem>router>switch>patchpannel>device) ?

Can I should I eliminate or just cut down the patch panel in its entirety and run straight lines on the switch?

Currently I have a dlink dgs-1024d 24 port switch and a trendnet tc-p24c6 24 port patch panel. I also have plenty of cable, rj45 connectors, and keystone jacks.

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Setting up a home network using dlink dgs-1024d port switch

First of all, the connection modem>router>switch>switch>device you are talking about is called Tree Topology and modem>router>switch>patchpannel>device can be called Star Topology.
Which one you want to use, depends on your requirement from the network. Tree helps in case of an expanding network, i. e, if you sometimes want to change the number of connections in a single room, it may be easier with Tree. However, in this topology, if one cable from switch to switch fail, it will affect all devices on that switch.
Also, Star would be a help here, but it requires more cable, meaning more hassle. Also, if you do not want to change the connections frequently, you can skip the patchpannel, as it increases the number of connections which also increases the chance of loose connection.
For more info, you can take a look at this page.
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Setting up a home network using dlink dgs-1024d port switch


In theory, 1 router with 4 ports and wireless capable should allows 200 computers connect to the Internet. The only downfall in this type of networking is the speed and bandwidth shared. Internet connection will either intermittent and or slow.

The kind of Internet networking set-up, modem-router-switch-patchpanel-cpe is something that I haven't tried it yet but it's doable.

This however needs a better bandwidth and higher speed plus additional IP-Address to work perfectly.

Eliminating patch panel is necessary, having a switch and a router is good enough to produce Internet networking up to a numbers of computers, wired for router and switch plus wireless.

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