Can I SharePoint search svn Servers for Windows?

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I am trying to access source-controlled documents in our office. Our office uses Apache SVN servers with searchpoint as the search platform.

It's kind of confusing because usually I just create an HTML access point so that the xml-xsl would be converted.

But in sharepoint, I think you have to create an index.html file which to me takes up a lot of time.

Does anyone know an easier way to sharepoint search svn servers?

Thanks in advance
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Can I SharePoint search svn Servers for Windows?



Since Apache SVN uses DAV as its access protocol it is not easy to index SVN Apache with SharePoint.

Andrew Connell posted in his blog the solutions on how to move files from one environment to another. If you do not wish to compile a source code you can use these solutions:

1. Use CollabNet to help you install subversion and Apache on your server.

2. You may want to download VisualSVN installer that will install a GUI to create repositories and manage users and groups.

3. You can also download TortoiseSVN a plugin for windows explorer in order to use subversion. 

4. It is true that SharePoint allows you to store project, but you can download Sublime1.2 that will help you to get a clear view of your repository within your share point site.

Hope this is useful.

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