Can i get infected for an email virus?

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Can i have virus if i read email? If not please discuss.

Thanks, Mildred Dorato

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Can i get infected for an email virus?



Hi Mildred
Probably not, as of now you can only be infected by virus if downloading the attachments. If you find a suspicious attachment on your email, it's better you delete it, instead of opening it. You can also get a virus if you are using a social networking site without properly logging on. Intruders can penetrate on your system because it is open. You just got shock when you found out your being infiltrated and your friends receiving many links just like FaceBook "how are you virus" where they send messages to all of your friends without your permission. Just be cautious on reading your email, even if it's your friend sending you a message with attachment if you find it suspicious, delete it right away. On the social networking site don't forget to log out y please log out your profile after you use it. 
Tony Stevenson
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Can i get infected for an email virus?


Sometimes you may end up infecting your computer with viruses by reading mails, but that will only happen when the email you are reading carries a virus within it. Usually the virus that are transmitted via emails are embedded in the attachments that come with the email and therefore it is good practice to scan the email attachments first, even the email message itself before opening it just to be safe from any viruses that may be attached.

But the good thing is that for most email service providers like yahoo and Gmail, you will find that they have a link scanner that will scan any attachments that you want to open and warn you if they may be risky or not. So you just need to heed to what the scanner will tell you and discard any messages that may look suspicious.

It is also good not to be opening messages that you do not know who the sender might, and most probably the messages that land to your mail box as spam.


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