Can 3d printing become common

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I would love to have a 3D printer . Will the prices ever come down enough so that 3D printing will become common place. 

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Can 3d printing become common


Hello Nicholas,

3D printing is a new technology in the market and brings together there powerful gadgets: the printer, scanner and the photocopier. Since the printers are on demand on the market, and they as well as small and therefore they do not take a lot of space, people prefer them to the old printers that were big and would only be used for one task; printing.

Though the printers are expensive right now, the prices will go down sooner or later. When the manufacturers make a lot of them and the demand for them becomes a bit lower, it will force the people who sell them to lower the prices so that people will continue buying them. But right now, they will still be expensive for they are on high demand.




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