Burning error occurred while using CDBurnerXP

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I have just bought a new computer, and I decided to give my old computer to a friend. I have a lots of old files in my old computer. 

I am thinking, there will time that I will still use those files, so I decided to burn all the files to a CD, I use CDBurnerXP. When I am finish selecting all the files, I am about to burn it, there is an error.

Burning error occurred

An error occurred while burning the disc. Most likely the disc is not usable.

Usually, these errors happen if the inserted media is not compatible to the drive

or of poor quality.

(devNTSPTI_IO_Error)    Could not write to Disc (LBA: 0 Length: 26).

SCSI Pass-through Interface I/O Error.  –  0Xff0005

Upon looking at the error, it is pointing out to my blank CD. I change the CD, but same error appeared. I am wondering what should I check next, in order for me to get rid of this error. Please share some ideas.


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Burning error occurred while using CDBurnerXP


I would suggest first trying to change the cd that you have used. Switch to another brand or company. This kind of error also usually happens when the CDs used are of poor quality, try sacrificing quantity for quality. The second thing that I would suggest is use Nero or any other application to assist you with burning your cd.

The programs usually enable the max use of your drive, burns CDs much faster and are user friendly. Refrain from using the stock program that comes with the standard windows XP package,since their functions can sometimes be altered from lack of supporting programs such as DLL files. Lastly try to check the size of the file that you would want to burn, it might be that you have exceeded the space available for the cd.

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Burning error occurred while using CDBurnerXP



  • Based on the error that have shown to your burner, it matters most to the compatibility of the brand and software used in the burning process.
  • Brand and quality of the CD as well as the performance of your ROM and the software it is using plays a vital role on this issue. Try switching to another brand of the CD.
  • I have also experienced this. I have 5 cd's with the same brand but with poor quality where only two of them were usable. The other 3 wont be read from the ROM. This example could be identical to the one you are experiencing.
  • Another thing to consider is your CD/DVD drive/ROM where it doesn't read your cd's but when inserted to another computer units ROM is fine. You also have to consider the hardware you are using.
  • Most importantly, the software your are using. Do not rely on stock software provided by manufacturers. There are lots of  software downloadable to the internet. I would suggest Nero or Ashampoo. Ashampoo  is  easy to use with lots of features that includes burning in blue rays disc. But still it only depends if your ROM has a blue ray support.
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Burning error occurred while using CDBurnerXP


Hello Ballynolst

Pay a visit this Techyv's post "CDBurnerXP: Burning Error Occurred, disk unusable" because this thread is discussed about your problem. From this post get more idea to fix this issue.

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