Read Counter not working properly on

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When we read any question, site did not show Reads=1. There are always display on new messages Reads=NIL. Its mean Read counter did not work.

You can check it.


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Read Counter not working properly on


Dear Kelin,

The problem you mentioned can be created due to over use of the website or can be caused as a result of high traffic in the website. High occurrence of users may create temporary mistakes that are shown as an error in a website.

If you are talking about TechyV, the website has already solved the issue and you may proceed to read questions, answers and start giving your comments on those.

If the problem still occurs, let us know about it as soon as you can.

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Read Counter not working properly on


I think the issue you are asking regarding the read counter on every question has long been fixed. The read counter on every post is already working properly. Sometimes the problem is caused by the website cache which only needs slight fixing. I’ve also encountered different problems with the site and you just need to report it to the admin and they will fix it immediately.

Some of the issues I’ve encountered with the site are the following:

The message of the question is displayed incorrectly. It is placed inline with the “Your rating” section that’s why it can’t be read clearly because it appears at the back of other texts. This is the most common problem I encountered with the website.

Once, I also encountered an error with the text editor when you reply to a question. The supposedly buttons that should appear above the text editor disappeared and the only option left was the “File attachments” section located above the Save button. It was fixed right after I reported it. See image.

The latest issue I’ve encountered so far was with the image file uploader in the text editor. It doesn’t upload a file. It was fixed after I reported it.

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