Brief For The Retrieve Data From Dead Hard Drive And Its Solutions

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Hello, brief about the retrieve data from dead hard drive and notify the steps to solve it as well and thank you for looking in it and reply soon.

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Brief For The Retrieve Data From Dead Hard Drive And Its Solutions


Hey, the retrieve data from dead hard drive respond to a sound like a biz biz sound when you are trying to boot it in the process. Also it won’t respond at the time of booting as well and it’s already dead. To check the same follow below steps too:
• First try to look over the outside of the HDD if there’s any damage to it or not.
• Try replacing the cable and try again.
• Also can go with the PATA drive which helps to switch the drive pins settings as well.
• Next, try from the IDs or through other PCI controllers as well and try connecting again.
• Later can connect the drive to other computer and try it.

Retrieve Data From Dead Hard Drive
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Brief For The Retrieve Data From Dead Hard Drive And Its Solutions


There are still ways how you can use a broken hard drive. But to be able to use it again, the most important factor is that it can still be detected by the computer. If you have a hard drive that can still be detected in the BIOS but the computer is already refusing to create a partition or something like that, here is my own way of reviving a dead hard drive.

I’ve already tested this method on my old and broken 2 GB hard drive. The BIOS can still detect it but creating a partition is really impossible. I was able to revive and use it for another couple of months until it finally gave in. After more than a month, it started having bad sectors everywhere though I’m no longer saving files to it.

Then one day, it just stopped working. This method will not completely fix the hard drive but will allow you to further extend its life until it reaches the very end. Here’s my trick. Wrap your dead hard drive in a sealed plastic bag. Make sure the plastic bag is not leaking so no water can penetrate inside the hard drive.

Make it two plastic bags to make sure it is really sealed. Wrap or seal the plastic bags with masking tape to seal every area. When you are finished, put the hard drive inside your fridge’s freezer where your ice cream and meat products are stored. Leave it there for like 24 to 48 hours. After that, get your hard drive from inside the freezer and unwrap it.

Put it over a dry towel and let it defrost naturally in the air and then wipe it dry especially the bottom part where the electronic component is located. When you are finished, connect it to your computer and detect it in the BIOS. If this is successful, try creating a partition and format the hard drive.

If these were successful, you have a month or two to use the hard drive. Just don’t store important files in it. Scan the drive every week by performing a surface scan using a disk utility like PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Any detected bad sectors should be marked.

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