Blog issue with frontpage of

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Hello all,

I am facing an issue with my blog. The front page of has the "Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post." error message.

Why can’t I edit this page?

How can I get rid of this message and replace it with more useful things?

Thanks in advance.

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Blog issue with frontpage of

You are able to see the error message because you don't have any posts yet in your blog. Follow the instructions that may be helpful to fix this issue.
  1. The front page of your blog by default is configured to display your latest posts. If you not published any of the posts it results the front page of the blog will display as "404 – Not Found Error" (or some other error related to this error).
  2. You may have received that type of error message as there is nothing to display in your front page.
  3. Simply, you have received that error message because there is nothing to display on your front page as shown below.
search this site not found
Following are the ways to fix this issue:
  1. First publish a new blog post.
  2. For writing a post you go to Posts -> Add New and publish as a new blog entry, Your new post will be displayed on the front page of your blog and will replace the error message.
  3. Change your front page then you can also configure your blog to display a static front page, rather than your latest blog posts.
  4. You might encounter the 404 error message if you publish a post with the current date, but then edit the post and change the date.
  5. The URL of each of your posts contains the date that you published the post. If you change the date of the post after you have already published it, then the original URL will no longer work (since it contains the original date).
  6. The link in your “Latest Posts” list will also be incorrect because of the date change. To do this Go to Posts -> Edit it and you will find the post. 
Thank you.

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