Best transfer protocol in terms of reliability and security.

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I'm trying to check factors affecting delivery of mails and inquirying whether there a simple ssl smtp client can receive mail much faster despite the encryption to secure sockets layer(ssl) which reduces delivery time due to the process of decryption at the client end.

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Best transfer protocol in terms of reliability and security.


Email message delivery depends on a number of factors.

Where the email comes from
A program used to send the email
Specification of SMTP server

For instance, SMTP servers use can be using different filters e.g. SPF records and this may result in slow delivery of mails.

In general, receiving SMTP servers does not accept messages from black listed SMTP servers or SMTP servers without reveres nslookup. This can result to a problem of none delivery.

Also, non-authenticated websites cannot send emails to any SMTP servers with stricter security measures to block “unknown” packets

I hope this sheds some light to your problem

Thank you!

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