Bad socket ID error message seen when file upload code is applied

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Hello all,

I have applied file upload code, which utilizes a safe socket to upload all the files to a server via content-type Compound Form-data to write the bytes.

Sometimes, I find a bad socket ID error message, which through investigation in wireshark states me that a fin packet is mailed from the server to the user for a few reasons.

Yet, the code uploads at least 80% as a result, I don’t believe it is a bad format error. Now, my question is, why does the server disconnect the link when the content form says that there is enough data to be sent?

If I can’t work out the bad socket, ID topic and tcp/socket links is let for a reconnection to start the upload again, before disconnection.

Please help me to solve this. I need your help.

Thanks a lot.

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Bad socket ID error message seen when file upload code is applied


Hallo Annie,

Try doing the following and see if it will help fix the issue:

  • Check and see if there was no exception that was thrown,  and if that is that case you should try to reconnect.
  • Check the device log for messages and see if you can get a clue there that will help fix the issue.
  • Check and see if the socket is being closed by something else and not you. Try to resend the data and see if you will get a notification.

You may also want to report this issue to the Developer Issue Tracker, but first before that you should check  and see if the RIM deem this behavior broken or not.

But all in all, you do not an exception completely but not instantly, but the latter is not mandatory anyway.




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