Automatic log out of the site

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There is no internet connection problem, but I am being log out of the game website automatically,

And I have to enter again my user name and password.

What is the cause of these?

Anyone can help?

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Automatic log out of the site



Do you know some websites are automatically log off the users who are not active within certain time period? This is due to ensure the security of the website. Let’s think if this web site is an online banking website. You have logged in and just go away for some reason. Then someone came and see this is your online banking account and that person can transfer some amount of money without you knowing about that.

That is why some websites are automatically log off the users. I think your case is same as this. Be active always and see this is happening again. 

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Automatic log out of the site


That happens sometimes because of the site cookies. Every website uses cookies and your web browser stores a cookie for every website you visited. Websites use cookies to store some of your user data like the time you first logged in, the links you clicked, the pages you visited, the status of your account if you are logged in or logged out, and so on.

Sometimes websites set expiration dates for the cookies they store. The expiration time includes the date and time you first logged in and the number of hours your account is good before it expires. When the time expires, your account is automatically logged out regardless of whether you are currently logged in or not.

If that happens, you simply need to log in back so as to refresh the status of your account. That is probably the reason why your account is suddenly logged out from the website. But that only happens when you are logged in from a website using a web browser.

If you are logged in to your account from a game client or a game launcher, that problem will not happen because you’re on a different platform. You may also try clearing your browser’s history to remove all cached images and website data.

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