Asus Padfone soon to be released

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Hey everyone! What are possible applications that are to be run in the Asusu Padfone?

Will this function just like an iPad?

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Asus Padfone soon to be released


Well, as for your information Asus PadFone is a Smartphone and it is no comparison with the Apple iPad.

Asus PadFone can run all the applications which support Android OS.

The functions of these two systems are not same. Asus PadFone is operated with the Android 4.‚Äč0, on the other hand iPad is operated with iOS 5.1. The display resolution is so different like 4.30 inches & 9.70 inches.

The comparison between the Asus PadFone and the iPad can be found on the link below:

For the better information for Asus PadFone you can visit the following site:


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Asus Padfone soon to be released



Asus PadFone have many applications that can be run, such as, YouTube Players, VLC players, Dictionaries, etc., that you can search for online. Asus is similar to iPad but also has slight differences. With Asus, it can interchange its tablet to a phone, which is its main feature on the PadFone. It also is cheaper but I might say that the iPhone will win this one.

In size, PadFone is better, because it is slightly bigger than the iPhone that makes it easier for you to touch and navigate buttons. But along with its size, is also a heavier weight. Which puts iPhone a better one to choose? 

In appearance, iPhone and iPad always look good and it never changed its appearance ever since. But I do think there is no need to change it. Asus has a silver back cover which is good but not as good as iPhone.

iPad has a larger processor than PadFone, so it is faster but PadFone has bigger memory.

For the carriers, the iPhone has many carriers unlike PadFone.

For the price, an iPad costs $980 but a PadFone only costs $580.


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