Asking to install Java or JRE software

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Hi All,

I recently bought a new applet provided by Samsung. It plays good quality videos, but prior to that it is asking to install Java or JRE software, which I did it by downloading from Google.

But I am getting a null pointer exception and not able to play the video. It says the AWT error code. Please fix this issue and help me.

Thank you.


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Asking to install Java or JRE software


Dear Gregory Manilov,

Samsung tablets come with a pre-installed JavaScript which can be enabled by choosing Settings, and then Advanced.

However, if there is a problem in running Java as you described, please uninstall the Java you have installed from Google, and try again after enabling JavaScript as discussed above.

Best regard,

Don Muench

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Asking to install Java or JRE software



To get this error fixed, try to do any or all of the solutions that I will suggest.

Uninstall the application from your gadget. Simply remove the app and clean the memory cash as well. After making sure that there is no longer any trace of that application, download it and re-install it on your device.

Do a proper reboot on your Samsung. Turn your device off and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for five seconds and put the battery back. Now turn it back on and check the application.

If all else fail, do a complete factory reset of your device.

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