Are There Dead Card Recovery Softwares?

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Hello TechyV!

Do you know any dead card recovery softwares?

I would like to see if I can still recover my SD card.

There are many very important files in the memory card and I want to know  If I can still recover them.

The error says that I need to reformat the card but I do not want to do it because my files will be deleted.

Please help me anyone. If you can give any information, it will be a big help.

Thank you so much,


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Are There Dead Card Recovery Softwares?


Hi Alison,

You can try to perform a check disk for your SD CARD, depends on what OS you are running your can type CMD on the run command or Search box. You have to remember what drive letter your SD card is as long as it can be detected we have more chance to recover your files.

Say your SD card is detected in Drive D: then type in chkdsk d: /r this repairs any bad structure on your SD card. If  you are not using  XP system you might be prompted that the computer does not have an XP drive, just click Y. If we are lucky that we are able to recover the files you can save them on the local drive or external media, since a recovered media may have more issues in the future.

If all else fails then you can check the software CardRecovery got great reviews and built for recovering files from SD Cards.

Hope this help you out.

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Are There Dead Card Recovery Softwares?


Hi Alison

I have some ways to get out of this problem but don't expect to get all of your files in a good condition but you have to try. 

  1. Put your SD card in to your reader and plug it in your pc.
  2. Open your Command prompt by going to start menu then all programs then accessories then right click on the Command prompt and choose run as administrator ( That is in windows vista and earlier in windows XP just left click on it ).
  3. Type chkdsk then your SD card parameter it should look like that "chkdsk d:" then hit enter. It will begin verifying your files when finished close it then if it refuses to check then you will have to format it  and go to the next step.
  4. Use any card recovery software like SD cards recovery to recover your files and that in most cases solve your problem.
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Are There Dead Card Recovery Softwares?


Hi Alison,

Dead card recovery is not available because a dead card is a hardware problem, it couldn't be repaired unless you will replace the faulty card.

If your not really sure that it is a dead card, clean your card make sure that the contact conductors are at best condition and also the slot it self.

Sometimes the filthy slot results to misinterpretation of dead card.

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