Antivirus is slowing down laptop

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I believe that my antivirus software is running and slowing down my laptop….or, it could be a virus itself that my laptop antivirus isn't catching.  However, every time I run a scan it comes up clean and I have the latest updates. I just see that there is a lot running. Suggestions on if I should purchase different antivirus software to attempt to clean it further? Thanks.

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Antivirus is slowing down laptop


Hello Jacqueline!

There are several reasons why your computer is slowing down. One is after installing anti-virus software in your PC. It is normal for a PC to slowdown once anti-virus installed. Anti-virus software will always check any files that are being transferred. It will check also the website that you’re accessing, and it will check the software or game that you’re going to launch. So it will take more time for your PC to load any application because it will have to go thru scanning first in your anti-virus software. You don’t have to buy another anti-virus and install another one just to eliminate your problem. Here are some few tips that may be useful in your daily computer operations.

1.  Updating your hardware and software. You can download software and driver for your computer to make it sure that fixes for bugs, patches for errors/lapses will be fix right away and will not affect your computer’s performance.

2.  Removing some of your taskbar launched applications and start up programs. You can check this by looking in to your task bar lower right corner of your computer screen. By selecting one-by-one and closing the applications will give you more speed. Removing the applications from the start-up programs will give you more speed. To this follow the steps below.

>>> Press and hold “Windows” button plus “R”. System Configuration window will pop-up.

>>> Look for the “Services” tab. Under Services tab you can select one-by-one the services that you just want to remove from your start-up programs.

>>> Go to “Startup” tab and click the “Open Task Manager” link. Task Manager Window will open and look for “Startup” tab. It will show you the applications or software that will always launched every time you turn on your computer. Select one by one the applications that you want to enable/disable. Click “Close” button once done eliminating the applications that you don’t want to launch.

3.  Make it sure that in your anti-virus set-up only important filtering options are the only ones activated to lower down the usage of your computer memory. More tests being conducted by your anti-virus software more memory are being used that causes your computer to slow down.

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Antivirus is slowing down laptop


Security programs like antivirus and internet security add greatly to the real-time processes of your computer that’s why there is a slight decrease in the performance of the machine. If you notice a sudden slow down on your computer because of the antivirus, one way to speed up things is to upgrade the hardware on your machine like the processor, memory card or memory module, and video card.

This is the expensive side of speeding up your machine but will really boost the performance of your computer. If you want the cheap side of speeding up things, you just need to properly maintain your computer every week. Regular maintenance for computer owners is important to keep the machine in optimum speed. Download the free version of CCleaner and install it.

Once installed, start CCleaner and clean your system. After this, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit and follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it on your computer. Once installed, start PC Tools then click “1-Click Optimization” in the “Dashboard” tab to easily optimize your machine.

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