All about my excel menus open slowly.

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Hi guys,

All about my excel menus open slowly. Lately, I’m having a problem with my Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application.

It always slows down every time I open files and important data regarding business matters or other reports.

This is very disappointing. What should I do now?

Please help me to restore it.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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All about my excel menus open slowly.


Hi Amanda, 

I believe I can help you find a solution to your question. The most probable cause of this error is the number of calculations the Excel program needs to make. If your Excel program is the 2007 version or later, you can be able to restore your spreadsheet application by the following;

While on the Excel window, navigate to Help menu on top and open Detect and repair function.

The Detect and repair dialog will appear. If you want to restore shortcuts, click on the Shortcut icon.

Detect and Repair Detect and Repair Errors

Click Start and wait. The office will delete all settings on the programs and restore the settings to original installed state.

If you restart the Excel program, it should be working normally.

I hope this solves your query.


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All about my excel menus open slowly.


Hi there,

As you are importing data from some other files, I think in those you have some calculation components too.

This can be a good cause to slow your excel down.

Now please turn off the calculation and event, also turn on the screen updating. Now close Microsoft excels and again open the Microsoft excel. I hope you excel will work fine.

After importing all the information you can turn on the calculation and events.

Also please clean all the temporary files and recent files so that the computer can give more resource to Microsoft excel.

Best regards,

Riley Weaver.

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