All About The Latest Technology-Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working

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Hi. I would like to know about the Asus laptop keyboard not working. What are the steps that need to be followed to troubleshoot the issues with the keyboard? Thanks in advance. It will be helpful information.

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All About The Latest Technology-Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working


Hi. The steps which need to be followed to solve the issue of Asus laptop keyboard not workingare as follows-

1) At first, you are required to check the keyboard. The problem may be caused by driver which can cause the malfunction to take place. It can occur if someone spills some drink on it or if the wires are exposed.

2) Ensure that the keyboard is properly connected so that the driver loads.

3) The Windows keyboard driver is packed in Windows 7. For the install to begin, the old one needs to be removed after rebooting has been done

4) Click on start then computer and then select manage option to open the computer management window. Right-click on the keyboard which is to be installed should be uninstalled. Then, shut down the PC and restart it

5) Proprietary software needs permission to access the features such as media, etc. If these drivers are absent from the CD-Rom, they can be acquired from the website. Once the installation completes, the program needs to be run as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Hope we helped.

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