Airtel dish vs Tatasky which is best

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Which of these are best with clarify/Service/Recording options any perfect suggestions from Indians using it would be great. Airtel or Tatasky?

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Airtel dish vs Tatasky which is best


Hi Susan,

The Airtel dish TV is better than Tata Sky due to the following reasons:
1) Picture and sound quality of Airtel is better than Tata Sky
2) Airtel has more HD channels than Tata Sky
3) Package wise Airtel offers better package than Tata Sky
4) Customer care service is much better than Tata Sky
5) New channels can added easily than Tata Sky
6) The recording capacity is more than Tata Sky

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Airtel dish vs Tatasky which is best


Considering both the brands being the leaders in field of digital HD television service in India I would make the following comparisons.

Tata Sky:

1. Excellent service in India.
2. Good quality HD channels.

1. Lesser number of channels.
2. They are using MPEG-2 instead of MPEG-4 although it doesn't make a hell lot of difference in picture quality.


1. Cheaper compared to Tata Sky.
2. Channels are more in number compared to Tata Sky.

1. Bad service.
2. Often complex and faulty settings.

But if I was in your place I would go for TATA sky because of their quality service service . But at the end of the day its about getting what's the best for you out there so I would suggest you to do a bit more research on it before you make any decision.

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