Airplane cabin sound regulation system?

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I have been working with a consultancy firm. I have a software proposal by a manager of an airline to develop a software which controls and regulates sound in the airplane cabin sound. Is there any existing software to handle this problem?


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Airplane cabin sound regulation system?



Hi Celena,

This is the most interesting question that I have heard, let me throw some light on the same.

First I want you to understand that the sound in the aircraft cabin is not controlled using any software, but is the hardware or the physical components that are present in the cabin. The aircraft cabin is pressurized and thus the cabin holds a different pressure from the outside while it ascends.

The aircraft is fitted with a tight seal and also buffing and sound proofing systems and covered with sound proof material to keep the noise and the vibrations in the cabin low as possible, even thought there is high tech sound proofing present in the cabin, it is not possible to keep the sound down to zero because of engine vibration and also vibration of thousands of parts onboard.

In a nutshell what I want to put forward is that there is no software that is involved in the reduction of sound in the aircraft cabin.

Bell Keny.

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