Advice needed regarding Microsoft SharePoint

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What are the pros and cons in using simple cms (SharePoint) in schools?  I know that there are a lot of schools which use SharePoint but I want to verify whether it would be ideal to use this at my school.  Any idea.

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Advice needed regarding Microsoft SharePoint


Hi Jonh_Castillo,

     You were asking if SharePoint could be ideal to use in school. Well, before I'll answer  your questions let me give you some ideas and information about it.   SharePoint  is a large collection of collaborative network-based product assemble on a document  administration platform.  It allows the user to anchor websites that opens shared work  areas, saves documents and information as well as introduces applications like blogs and wikis. Users can also manage the control of the proprietors named as Web elements or interact with portion of  content such as the tally of the document libraries.  


  • People can use SharePoint even if you have few knowledge about it because the device is very accessible even for those users who have very limited knowledge for such technologies.
  • The best tool for collaboration that made the people united.
  • Allows users to make web portals very fast. portal that gives a high standard of integration to other technologies of Microsoft.


  • Hard to manage except for those who really understands the systems and the goals of doing such project.
  • It's Lack of action of the element because it is not design for a particular function like project administration.
  • Can give you many things but not all of those are the best for your needs.

Therefore I conclude, before using a  SharePoint ,  your school must train first the  not just the administrators but also the team members in order for them to support one another and to make the project successful.

Hope this might help you.


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