Adobe Reader cannot open my file

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Good day!!,

I received a file from via email attachment, an operation manual in a PDF format, when I open the file using adobe reader, error message was displayed on my screen, it tells me that the file does not begin with ‘%PDF-‘, sounds small message but very tricky, I posted below the error message.

Adobe Reader

File does not begin with ‘%PDF-‘.

As I analyzed the error, it is not pointing on the cause of the error, since my file is a PDF file, so I don't rely on the error message. I do my own troubleshooting, I down load the same PDF file via the email attachment, but still I cannot open the file,

Please share some ideas about this error, more power to all.

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Adobe Reader cannot open my file



I met with the similar problem as yours when I were opening PDF files.

I tried many times with different means, but I failed when the computer kept showing the error: file does not begin with '%PDF-'.

It’s my friend told me to upgrade to Adobe Reader X that I solved the problem at last.

It's hard to say why this is happening,and I don’t know whether it will be useful for you since the problems we met are not totally the same.

Maybe you can try and I hope the way I have offered above can help you to some degree.

Hope you have a good day.

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Adobe Reader cannot open my file


Adobe Acrobat Reader cannot open file

This Adobe Acrobat Reader error message “File does not begin with ‘%PDF-‘is occasionally or intermittently encountered due to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 upgrading issue. Microsoft was encouraging their client to move on to the latest version of their Microsoft Internet Explorer and leave the oldest explorer as soon as possible.

Most of the users encountered this problem solves the issue when they have upgraded their Microsoft Windows Explorer to the latest release or version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Besides upgrading of the Microsoft Internet Explorer, you need to upgrade also your Adobe Acrobat reader for more features added and accessibility and some critical issues where solved on the latest version of the application. You don’t have problem in upgrading your Adobe Acrobat because it is free to download anywhere on the internet.

But for those who can not upgrade the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Still we have the solution. We will just leave our browser and don’t let him to load PDF (portable document file) file to load from the browser. Here’s the guide to disable loading PDF file from your browser:

  1. Open your Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from your Start menu. Click Start, then select Programs then look for Adobe Acrobat Reader on the Programs menu then click. Adobe Acrobat Reader window will pop-up on the screen.
  2. On the menu bar Click Edit then Preferences or just press CTR+K. Preferences window will pops-up on the screen.
  3. On the Categories list, select Internet then on the Web Browser Options frame uncheck the option Display PDF in browser
  4. Click Ok to apply settings.

Next step is we will go to clear our Microsoft Internet Explorer Cache on Temporary Internet Files.

  1. Open your Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet browser, be sure that there is only one tab open and no other page loaded to make all cached temporary internet files will be removed.
  2. Click on the Tools then Select Internet Options. Internet Options Dialog box showed up on the screen.
  3. On the General Tab, under the Temporary Internet Files, click the Delete Files button. After clicking the button, a wizard will appear just waiting for the wizard to complete deleting all temporary internet files.
  4. Click Ok, and then begin browsing.

And to avoid opening of PDF file from the internet to the web browser, instead of click the PDF link, right click the link and save it into your desktop or into your desired folder. To open the PDF file just open it directly from your PDF reader or into your Adobe Acrobat Reader.

There are some recommended options with this issue; some recommendations are instead of using the Internet Explorer 6, use Mozilla Firefox browser to resolve the issue.

You may also use the new browser from Google which is the Google Chrome browser. They are both great and fast browser when it comes to internet browsing.

We will have just had a little issue about the trusted browser. Some banking and finance company do not trust any other browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer but they also recommend upgrading your browser to the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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Adobe Reader cannot open my file


If the PDF file is an attachment from an email sent to you, don’t open the file directly from the email. Download the attachment first on your computer. Once the file is downloaded, for your security, scan the file with your antivirus. If you verify that the file is clean, you may now proceed on opening the file.

If the file is in PDF format, you can open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader. To get the latest Adobe Reader, go to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to get the latest version for your operating system. Check the available options on the page before hitting the “Install” button to avoid installing unwanted applications. Alternatively, you can also try Foxit Reader.

On the other hand, if the attachment is in ZIP or RAR format, you have to unpack the file first before you can open it.

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