Adobe Premiere Pro fails to open project

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I attempted to open my project using Adobe Premiere Pro but the program closed and got the following error message “Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro the shutdown.

We will attempt to save your current project”. How can I avoid this error message?

Can I get resolution to solve this problem?


Adobe Premiere Pro

Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro the shut down.

We will attempt to save your current project.

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Adobe Premiere Pro fails to open project


Hello Sean! The problem you're having may have a ton of different causes, but here are some of the most common solutions.

First, there might be some problems with the Styles folder. Go to My Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/7.0 and rename the Styles folder to Old Styles. Then try to open the program again. Unfortunately, if you try this, know that you will lose any custom styles you created before. However, if this solution doesn't work, you can do the steps backwards in order to recover your custom styles, meaning you have to delete the new Styles folder and rename Old Styles to Styles.

Then, you could try recreating the preferences folder. This would work in case one of your preference file is damaged and this causes problems. First of all, you have to make all the hidden folders visible, thing you can do from the Control Panel menu. Then go to the Premiere Elements folder in the Adobe section from Application Data in C: if you have a Windows XP and to the same location but through the Roaming folder in AppData folder if you are using a Vista version. Then you should basically follow the same steps as before, change the name of the folder 7.0 to Old 7.0 and then open the application. If this doesn't work either, you can restore the previous settings by changing back the names.

A third solution would be recreating the PluginCache, which is a Windows registry entry. To recreate it, you must hold down the Shift key when the program is starting. Release the key only when the welcome window appears.

However, take into account the following possibilities: your project may be corrupt or your media elements used in it are corrupt. In this case, you could check if the project works fine on other computers or on other versions of the program.

Hope these would help you!

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