Access Violation Error 00190000 on Updating Ad Aware Antivirus

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Hi! Friends,

I am posting here my experience in updating my Antivirus software. I downloaded and installed Ad-Aware last week, when I wanted to update its definitions and I clicked on update,an error message box appeared.

Access violation at address 00190000. Write of address 00190000

Access violation at address 00190000. Write of address 00190000.

Above is the screen shot of the error. When I read the error, I am worried if this will go on and that I cannot update the virus definitions.This anti virus software is useless, since it cannot detect anymore new virus, I tried to remove the software and re install it again. when I tried to update again, it failed to update for the same reason above.

Please help me with this problem.


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Access Violation Error 00190000 on Updating Ad Aware Antivirus



I searched for this problem and I got the solution for this error. Ad-Aware was one of Lavasoft Programs. These Lavasoft programs have some problem with windows security, one of them was the Ad-Aware. Windows Security has blocked some of Ad-Aware feature and that has made users unable to update Ad-Aware. The Windows Security that handles that calling "Data Execution Prevention" (DEP).

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that helps prevent damages from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely.If you choose to protect all programs, you can still turn off DEP for individual programs. So, we must disable that protection for Ad-Aware (and the other Lavasoft programs if you have any of them)

Here are the steps:

  1. Open System > Start button  > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System.
  2. > Advanced System Settings.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
  3. Under Performance, click Settings.
  4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then click Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
  5. Select the check box next to the Ad-Aware program, and then click OK.
    If the program is not in the list, click Add. Browse to the Program Files folder, find the executable file for the program (it will have an .exe file extension) and then click Open.
After all of these, now you can update your Ad-Aware without any error that cause by windows security. If you get stuck, please let me know.


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Access Violation Error 00190000 on Updating Ad Aware Antivirus


Error message “Access violation at address 00190000 write of address 00190000” shows that your previous antivirus not uninstall properly / completely so you got this error while updating. First complete uninstall every antivirus software already installed in your computer and remove the folders of antivirus software locating in program files. If you did not have any antivirus already installed in your computer then run registry cleaner software.

Registry cleaner will clean all your spam registry entries and then download fresh antivirus software and try to update its definition.

Other reason for above mentioned error that you will use pirated software and main server did not allow you to download latest definitions. Purchase licensed copy in case, you are using pirated software.

Take Care


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